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Garden Design Services

Design Process

town garden planting design in Ascot

Green Garden Design offers a range of services, from designing a single border to redesigning the whole garden.

Initial visit
An initial on-site consultation to view the garden, discuss your ideas and requirements for the project. Following the visit, we will provide a written quotation for the design work.

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The garden and existing features will be measured and an accurate plan drawn to scale. Plans for larger sites may need to be prepared by a land surveyor.

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Proposal meeting
Sketch proposals of different design options are prepared, for discussion with you. The range of construction materials and planting styles are also discussed. A final design is decided upon.

A final hand-drawn plan of the garden is produced, showing the position and size of key elements like the terrace, major trees and borders.

Planting plan
formal herb garden design in Guildford
A planting plan for the new design can be prepared, showing where to put all the new plants. A plant schedule accompanies the planting plan, containing full plant names and quantities. Alternatively, a planting style can be determined, and suitable plants provided to an agreed budget

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A contract management service can be provided to oversee the construction of the garden, from contract tender to final completion.

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Planting and maintenance
Plants for the garden can be sourced, supplied and planted. A maintenance guide can be prepared, to help you care for your new garden.

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Spring planting at a new home in Surrey